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At simplifye we specialize in transforming complex systems into some simple-to-use solutions. We believe there is room for simplification in most systems and strive to identify those areas we can simplify.

What we do

Software Development

Simplifye is primarily a software development company. We create web, desktop and mobile applications for clients and users. websites and web applications to support businesses. From contact forms to e-commerce solutions.

We are able to deliver top-notch but simple solutions. We believe every project is different, so we approach each project from a fresh perspective.

UX Testing

To achieve simplicity, a lot of user testing is involved. So its no surprise that we are experts at this.

We know how to test software to measure user experience. Contrary to what you might think, UX testing does not have to expensive or boring. It can actually be a fun exercise and very informative process. UX testing can reveal underlying issues with your solutions that might not be otherwise obvious to you.


Need guidance or professional information you can rely on? Simplifye can provide that for you. We provide consultancy to hundreds of companies around the world. We can provide you with comprehensive information to help you make the best decision for your company. We give you pros and cons of different solutions and leave it up to you to decide.

We believe consultancy is about listening, so we spend more time listening to your concerns and issues and then we come up with suggestions backed up by solid research.